‘Battlefield 6’ Will Feature A World War 3 Settings (Rumor)

Battlefield 6' Will Feature A World War 3 Settings

Battlefield 6 is set to release in 2021, and by all accounts it sounds like we’re in for the biggest and most ambitious Battlefield adventure. 

According to a new rumour, the BF6 will move away from the historical focus of the previous two games and take us squarely in the middle of a modern conflict once again. Specifically, it sounds like a World War 3 scenario is on the cards.

William_Fichtner posted on Reddit, claiming that Battlefield 6 will take place during a NATO vs. Russia conflict in World War 3 They also suggest that War Stories will return as part of the campaign, and will “track several soldiers from different countries as the war rages in every corner of the world.”

“One will feature a US Army squad fending off a Russian attack in the suburbs of America,” they explain. “Another war story will feature a MI6 agent embedded in a rebel group in Eastern Europe, with the objective of stopping a Russian advance into NATO territory.”

The post also touches on “massive” 64 VS 64 multiplayer, which is something we’ve previously heard. Modes are said to include TDM, Domination, Conquest, Breakthrough and Grand Operations, with Grand Operations now taking place over the course of five days. They also touch on three large-scale maps, which apparently include an American suburbs setting, a European city, and a Russian forest.

EA recently shared a few concrete details about Battlefield 6 during an investors call. We learned that the next entry in the popular FPS series is coming to next-gen consoles by holiday 2021, which means we’ve got about a year to wait. It also looks like DICE will be sharing more details – which, presumably will include a first-look – in the spring.

Battlefield 6 Maps Have Been Designed With 128 Players In Mind; May Lead To a Free To Play Game (Rumor)

Even though Battlefield 6 has yet to be announced officially, words in the street are strictly speculating alot about the upcoming installment.

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A few days ago, Tom Henderson, who has been leaking Call of Duty and Battlefield details correctly for some time, revealed that the maps to be included in the next entry in the series developed by DICE have been designed for 128 plus players. 32 versus 32 will continue being the standard playlist, however.

Battlefield news; Maps have been designed with 128+ players in mind. But 32 vs 32 will also be a standard playlist.

— Tom Henderson (@_TomHenderson_) August 13, 2020

Tom Handerson also talked a possible inclusion of a battle royale mode in Battlefield 6. While he does not know if it will indeed happen, it seems like EA and DICE have a renewed interest in the genre, and this may lead to the release of a free to play Battlefield battle royale game in the vein of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Battlefield news; There's also been increased interest in Battle Royale due to the success of Warzone. No confirmation of a BR in the next Battlefield yet, but could EA and DICE be planning a F2P Battlefield experience?

— Tom Henderson (@_TomHenderson_) August 13, 2020

As already mentioned, Battlefield 6 has yet to be announced. Rumors from the past two months suggest that the game is in development alongside a Battlefield 3 Remaster. This remaster has apparently been in the pipeline for a very long time, and it will release alongside another entry in the series, which presumably to be Battlefield 6.