Over $300,000 Of NVIDIA RTX 3090 Graphics Cards Have Been Stolen From a Factory In China

Over $300,000 Of NVIDIA RTX 3090 Graphics Cards Have Been Stolen From a Factory In China

More than $300,000 Of NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics cards have been stolen from a factory in China, first reported by Tom’s hardware

it’s reported that 40 cargo boxes of graphics cards were stolen from an MSI warehouse in the early hours of December 7. This isn’t only a financial blow to MSI and the sellers of the RTX 3090, but it’s also a consumer issue as the RTX 3090 is already incredibly hard to come by. $340,000-worth of those cards isn’t a small amount of stock to go missing.

According to the original report, because of the high amount of surveillance in the area, as well as the fact that MSI inspects trucks regularly, the company thinks it’s an inside job – someone who worked at the warehouse knew how to get the stock out without being noticed.

This situation is a little like the console scalping we’re seeing surrounding the PS5 and Xbox Series X at the moment.

MSI Chinese mainland factory was stolen, stolen 40 boxes RTX3090, the total value of 2200000RMB ……😓
MSI has been officially announced and informed to the police ,Reward of 100000 RMB for reporting effective information. pic.twitter.com/JWw8hOMioG

— 夕惕若厉 (@GoFlying8) December 7, 2020

Although it is unclear how many cards were stolen, as we just have a value of how much the boxes were worth – it’s obvious that even selling a few of these cards at a marked up price is incredibly profitable.

MSI is asking for information on the burglary with a reward of over $15,000 to individuals that can help them find the culprits and the company is working with the police to find out who stole its merchandise.