The Last of Us Part 2’s Ending Was Once A Darker One

The Last of Us Part 2 ending was once a darker one, at its core, a dark story that deals with loss and revenge, a possible original ending could have led it through an even darker road. According to GameSpot, That Last of Us Part 2 director Neil Druckmann and narrative lead Halley Gross spoke with Game Informer about the game’s ending, discussing how, until about half-way through production, Ellie would have actually killed Abby at the end of the game.

“When I signed on a lot of it was very similar,” Gross revealed. “We did a lot of iterations on what that last act looked like, but the final beat was that Ellie would kill Abby. About halfway through production, we changed that and had Ellie let go at the last second to [illustrate] that some little part of the old Ellie, the Ellie with humanity, the Ellie that is impacted by Joel, still exists within this character who has been so overtaken by her quest for revenge.”

The change of heart happened when the narrative team was working through the fates of both Lev and Yara, who also lived/died in earlier drafts of the story. Once it was decided that Lev would survive, Druckmann felt the right decision was to ensure Ellie didn’t actually kill Abby and complete her tale of revenge.

“Letting Abby live felt wrong thematically initially,” Druckmann said. “But at the end of the day, it felt more honest for the character. The theme [and] what we’re trying to say shifted a little bit, but our top priority always is are we being honest to the character? There’s certain things we are trying to hit but they can only work if we’re consistent with the character we’re writing.”

Lately, The Last of Us Part II director Neil Druckmann, sends his regards to the team for the effort they put to make the game. He also said “F**k The Haters” for criticising which is of course inevitable.

Here Are The Adorable Dogs Featured In The Last of Us Part II

Here are the adorable dogs of The Last of Us Part 2. The adorable dogs that was featured in the game (I love pets so much that I try as much as I can, to avoid killing much on video games).

Dogs in TLoUP2 once their owners let them loose, they can quickly catch up to Ellie and rip her throat off. Although it’s a completely different story in real life. Meet the adorable dogs featured on Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece.

As displayed on images above, from left to right, we have Winnie, Moxie, Kippy, and Stetson. Images shared by lead animator Jeremy Yates on Twitter, the technology was also used to replicate the movement of a deer during certain scenes. What’s more, Jeremy shared a quick clip of one of the dogs in action. Aren’t they all just adorable? Of course they’re.

What my my second favorite motion capture shoot on #TheLastofUsPartII ?? I mean come on…🤗. @soria_sancho @gameplayAnim

— Jeremy Yates (@Jeremy_Yates) July 9, 2020

The Last of Us Part II Has Sold More Copies At Retail Than The Rest of June’s Top 10 Combined Here In The U.K


Finally Sony Interactive and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II has surpassed Nintendo sales here in the United Kingdom during the month of June with record-breaking physical sales.

With the GfK market data sent to us, also shared by Games Industry, The Last of Us Part II sold more boxed copies than the rest of June’s top ten games combined. In addition to this, Sony saw strong sales of The Last of Us Remastered, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War.

Overall, 29 percent of physical games sold here in the UK were Sony’s, which also claimed 37 percent of June’s physical software revenue. No doubt it was a good month for retail, they sold 1.24 million games – an increase of 44 percent over May. So far, June is 2020’s second best month here in the UK after March.

June also skyrocketed the sales of hardwares. Console sales made a 41 percent increase compared to the same period last year, all contributed by the ongoing pandemic. Console sales did experience a 12 percent decline compared to May 2020.

June’s Top 20 Physical Games Here In The UK

1 The Last of Us Part II

2 FIFA 20

3 Ring Fit Adventure

4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

5 Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

7 Grand Theft Auto V

8 Minecraft (Switch)

9 The Last of Us: Remastered

10 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

11 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

12 Bravely Second: End Layer

13 51 Worldwide Games

14 Luigi’s Mansion 3

15 Forza Horizon 4

16 Just Dance 2020

17 Red Dead Redemption 2

18 Marvel’s Spider-Man

19 Pokémon Sword

20 Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy

The TLUoP2 surpassed all the June’s top 10 combined. Talking about accessories, DualShock 4 took the no. 1 spot with a 14 percent sales increase compared to May 2020.