Console Online Sellers Are Reportedly Being Robbed By Fake Buyers on Delivery

Console Online Sellers Are Reportedly Being Robbed By Fake Buyers on Delivery

The PlayStation 5 is out now in America and is launching tomorrow in the UK, but it hasn’t been easy for people to get their hands on one. Limited stock and messy pre-orders window have been further compounded by attempting to launch the next-gen console in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, something a number of opportunistic online sellers have taken advantage of.

These warm-hearted chums of humanity are hardly the most popular folk in the world right now. After multiple reports of PS5 and Xbox Series X online sellers charging hundreds – sometimes thousands – more for the next-gen consoles, the gaming community has widely condemned them for being selfish buttheads. To be clear, my use of the word “butthead” is putting it mildly but I’m not really allowed to swear on this website.

In an unexpected turn of events, it now seems as if certain online sellers are actually being robbed of their next-gen consoles. As reported by the police in Toronto, Canada have issued a warning that “numerous reports of robberies” have been received by the department from people “selling game systems online”.

City of Toronto
– People are selling game systems online
– We have had numerous reports of robberies
– Some robberies are with weapons/violence
* Sellers advised to choose meeting areas carefully *
* Let someone know where you’re meeting *#GO2174796

— Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) November 17, 2020

Good Morning,
I am not aware of any safe zones specifically for buying/selling items in Toronto
I suggest:
– meet in a public place
– bring only agreed upon cash
– do the transaction during daylight hours
– don’t give out personal information
– bring someone with you

— Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) November 17, 2020

A public safety alert was issued last night at 9 PM EST for the City of Toronto. Although police didn’t mention which game systems were being sold, both the Xbox Series X and PS5 were just released recently, and I can’t imagine anyone holding someone up to get an Xbox One or PS4, they could just as easily grab from the nearest Walmart. So probably is the next-gen consoles(PS5, Xbox Series S/X.)

Xbox Series X and Series S is The Biggest Launch in Xbox History

Xbox Series X and Series S is The Biggest Launch in Xbox History

Microsoft announced today that the Xbox Series X and Series S launch has now officially gone down as the most successful debut in the company’s history.

According to an official Xbox Wire post, Microsoft lined out some of the milestones fans helped the company meet. It explored what was accomplished in the first 24 hours of launch, which took place globally across 40 countries.

More new consoles sold during this generation than any other one prior, as the Xbox Series S contributed the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch. There were more games played, with 3,594 in total across four generations, which set the record for the most games ever played during an Xbox console launch.

Interestingly, about 70 percent of Series X|S consoles are attached to both new and existing Xbox Game Pass members. Which some folks have cited Xbox Game Pass as their reasoning for purchasing a console in the first place. 

Over 40 new and Optimized for Series X|S games launched this week as well, as Microsoft points out, including titles like Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Assassin’s creed Valhalla. These games were also likely a huge draw for buyers, in that it acted as another big move for those for whom value is important. And Microsoft is planning to buy more Japanese video game studios any moment from now.

Microsoft also indicated that it would be bringing additional Xbox Series X|S consoles to local retailers to make sure everyone get s a chance to buy one.

Fortnite Next-Gen Runs at 4k 60FPS On PS5 & Xbox Series X (1080p 60FPS on Series S)

Fortnite Next-Gen Runs at 4k 60FPS On PS5 & Xbox Series X (1080p 60FPS on Series S)

Fortnite next-gen runs at 4k 60fps on PS5 & Xbox Series X (1080p 60fps on Series S). Epic Games shared the details for the promised Fortnite next-gen update, due to land on Day One for all the next-generation consoles, which as a reminder is November 10th for Xbox Series S and X and November 12th/19th (depending on where you live) on PlayStation 5.

Fortnite Next-Gen Runs at 4k 60FPS On PS5 & Xbox Series X (1080p 60FPS on Series S)

The best enhancements for Fortnite next-gen have been implemented on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, as expected. However, all versions will enjoy a series of visual improvements as well as 60FPS support while using the split-screen mode.

4K Resolution at 60 FPS on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X:

  • Experience Fortnite like never before on consoles with stunning 4K running at a smooth 60 FPS.

Dynamic Visuals and Physics:

  • Experience a more dynamic and interactive world with grass and trees responding to explosions, enhanced fluid simulations for smoke and liquid (cooler-looking smoke and liquid effects), and all-new Storm and cloud effects.

Get into Matches Faster:

  • Loading performance has been significantly upgraded, not only improving texture loading but also helping you get into a match from game start-up much faster.

Enhanced Split Screen: 

  • Split Screen now supports 60 FPS.

Epic also detailed the Fortnite next-gen specs for the cheaper, less powerful of all the new consoles coming in a couple of weeks – the Series S, priced at $299. The game will run at 1080p 60fps, though it’ll feature ‘most of the visual enhancements’ also available on the Series S.

1080P Resolution at 60 FPS on Series S: 

  • Hop into any game mode on Xbox Series S and enjoy 1080P running at a smooth 60 FPS. The Xbox Series S will support most of the visual enhancements available on the Series X.

Lastly, PlayStation 5 users are getting DualSense support and integration with the console’s new UI features.

DualSense Controller Immersion:

  • Haptic feedback makes it feel like you’re holding the Suppressed SMG or Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. In addition to general vibration support, we’ve integrated haptic trigger feedback for ranged weapons on the new DualSense controller.

Select Your Favorite Mode from the PS5 Home Screen: 

  • Fortnite supports PS5’s Activities, starting with the ability to go straight into the Battle Royale Lobby with either Solo, Duos, or Squads selected. Once in the Lobby, choose to queue up for your selected mode!