COVID-19 Antibody Test – How it Works and Who Should Get Tested


When you get contamination, generally you have got an excellent immune response to the infection to fight it off, and also you can measure that immune response by using doing a blood test and measuring the antibody response. And that helps to know if you have been exposed, whether you’ve got been ill or now not, due to the fact we recognize that many infections, human beings are asymptomatic. So these antibody checks at the moment are available.

The problem, the challenge with these antibody assessments is that their accuracy has not been pinned down very nicely, so we’re no longer exactly sure how correct they are, and on a man or woman level, it may now not make any difference due to the fact measuring the antibodies will now not let you know if you’re included or not. So maybe you had been inflamed otherwise you weren’t, but we don’t know if which means you’re no longer gonna get reinfected in the following few weeks or months or years, we simply do not have that information.

For those who are simply curious approximately it, it simply doesn’t have any meaning. Everybody thinks that they had a little tickle in their nostril and that, you recognize, some months ago, and that ought to had been it. You know, and what we’re locating is approximately four to 5% of humans in our area have been infected within the past, so it’s a very small percentage. And having that antibody test, even if it’s positive, does not prove that you’re invulnerable or that you’re proof against getting inflamed. It does not mean you can stop sporting masks or that you’re free to go round and do high-risk activities. All it would suggest is that you’ve got had contamination, but we don’t know if you are included due to the fact you’ve had an infection.

Where these antibody exams healthy in properly are for studies, for population studies, to see what percentage of a populace perhaps were exposed and inflamed, so it is beneficial for that kind of a systematic study. They’re also beneficial in very particular instances so that we realize that children may revel in a particular syndrome after being uncovered to coronavirus, but this happens 3 to four weeks later after contamination where the nasal swab test might not be positive, however the antibody check might be useful. And then the third area wherein these antibody exams are useful is that blood banks are screening donors to peer in the event that they have antibodies due to the fact there’s a few inspiration that possibly convalescent plasma, getting the plasma of people who already have been infected, via infusing that into acutely ill humans, it can help them. This is being studied, it’s not verified yet, but that’s something that being actively studied. So the ones are the main reasons to get an antibody to take a look at.


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