Man Buys Gaming Buddy Of 15 Years A PS5 So They Can Play Together

Man Buys Gaming Buddy Of 15 Years A PS5 So They Can Play Together

This is a touching story that that teach us that (love) has no limit, the friends we game with are the ones who are most important. We might not be able to see them every day or even live anywhere near them, but they’re the people we spend most of our free time with. The ones we talk to about the real crap we’re going through in our lives as we storm enemy camps or drop into Verdansk together.

With a new generation of consoles now here, cross-platform gaming means that it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with all of your friends – regardless of platform. Of course to keep those good times going, you are going to need a next-gen console. That’s why one Reddit user, in an incredible act of kindness, decided to surprise his friend of 15 years with a PS5 all of his own.

Reddit user ghost_knight1121 revealed that he’d been playing with one of his mates for a decade and a half, and that their relationship as gamer friends started all the way back in the days of Rainbow Six Vegas on Xbox 360. The two have gone on many incredible adventures in the years since, both virtual and otherwise – ghost_knight1121 explained in the thread that they’d both been each other’s best men at their weddings, proving once again what an incredible bond video games can forge.

Unfortunately, ghost_knight1121’s friend was unable to secure a PS5 thanks in no small part to the massive pre-order confusion that plagued so many of us. The good news? ghost_knight1121 did manage to pick up a spare after “getting lucky”, and got the incredible pleasure of surprising his mate with the next-gen console.

Take a look at the two of them below. My heart is so full of love right now it might just burst. What an amazing gesture. What great friends. I sincerely hope they have the best time together playing and discovering everything this new generation of gaming has to offer.

Man Buys Gaming Buddy Of 15 Years A PS5 So They Can Play Together

The PlayStation 5 is available in Asia and the U.S, will be launching in the UK on November 19th will be available on Amazon on launch day, while the Xbox Series X/S is already available around the world. Whichever console you went for, have a great time with your friends. That’s what it’s all about, right?

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