PS5 On Track To Be The Biggest Console Launch In History, According to Analyst

PS5 On Track For Biggest Console Launch In History, According to Analyst

It sounds like the PlayStation 5 is off to a flying start, according to initial sales figures. Sony’s next-gen console has pretty much completely sold out across the globe – a fact which seems to have put on track to become the most successful console launch in history.

I have heard numbers in some markets, and they’re much bigger than PS4. And Xbox has already stated that Series S/X is bigger than One. If I can confirm and release the numbers, I will

— Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) November 22, 2020

In a series of tweets, publisher Christopher Dring revealed that figures from some markets are already putting Sony on track for a record-breaking PS5 launch that eclipses the success of the PS4. For context, the PS4 shifted around 2.1 million units in its first two weeks on sale. If the PS5 has already beaten that – and in a pandemic no less – that’s seriously impressive.

Dring also speculates that the reason Sony hasn’t been able to keep up with the immense demand for launch is that there have been limits in manufacturing and distribution. Unsurprising, given current events. He also suggests that this shortage is not because Sony underestimated how many people would want a PS5. Indeed, the company’s own projections have the next-gen console down as surpassing its predecessor in just a few months.

Despite these limits, Dring still believes that the “PS5 will likely be the biggest console launch in history.” I suppose there are a lot of people with holiday money burning a hole in their pocket right now with little else to do but game.

Microsoft has also enjoyed plenty of success with its own next-gen launch. While declining to share specific figures, Xbox boss Phil Spencer described the Series X launch as the most successful Xbox launch of all time.

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