Scalpers Who Bought 3,500 PlayStation 5 Now Have 1,000 Xbox Series X Consoles

Scalpers Who Bought 3,500 PlayStation 5 Now Have 1,000 Xbox Series X Consoles

Is quite unfortunate, that some folks are unable to get hold of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, there are also those who have missed out because the demand for the next-gen consoles has been so high – which makes the existence of scalpers that little bit more annoying. Scalping is, as we’re sure you know, the process of buying stock of tech, clothes, or pretty much anything and then selling those items on for a higher price than RRP, making the seller a profit.

The group – named CrepChiefNotify on its social media – has been making quite the profit from reselling consoles they have been buying, and now according to VGC they’ve got their hands on 1,000 Xbox Series Xs, through using bots to purchase the stock.

CrepChiefNotify has been claiming on its social media channels that they’ve been using bot software to skip queues and purchase high-in-demand items. They send out this information to people that buy a membership to their group, and that way they purchase the console en masse. According to VGC, an anonymous member of the group claims that these Xbox Series Xs have specifically come from online retailer Very.

This grabbing of 1,000 units will contribute to the shortages of the consoles that we’re seeing right now, and sadly some parents and gamers will feel the need to pay the higher amount for the consoles that they or their loved ones want. This in turn opens up a lot of buyers to being scammed by fake scalpers which is another level of low.

On their Facebook, the scalper group made a post about the PlayStation 5 shortage and how to make money from the situation back in October, where they said that they’re just “⁠taking advantage of the supply and demand issue here. There are thousands of buyers instantly waiting to buy these for the resell price, but only a select few know how to get them!⁠”

The last time we saw someone bragging about having a stash of consoles they were reselling, they apparently were being robbed by fake buyers.

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