Sony Reportedly Invested $250 Million (£199M) on Epic Games

Sony and Epic Games has been working together lately on developing games and the Unreal Engine 5. it is reported that Sony has invested money into that partnership. A report indicates that Sony has invested $250 Million (roughly £199 Million) into Epic Games acquiring 1.4% share as reported by GamesBeat, which values Epic at $17.86 billion (roughly £13.5 Billion).

Keep in mind that Sony have not purchased Epic Games, all the spending is to make the next-gen console a future gaming platform.

On May Epic Games introduced the Unreal Engine 5 running entirely on a PS5 console. Since then, the company has praised Sony and the PS5’s unique architecture numerous times over. With this deal in place, Sony and Epic will continue to collaborate on engine improvements, systems design, the the “digital ecosystems” that Epic is creating with Fortnite’s immense “metaverse”-like social space and the Epic Games Store as a major PC distribution platform.

Epic Games is not becoming a PlayStation-exclusive developer. Fortnite and Unreal Engine will still be coming to/supports on other platforms. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney also said the partnership will allow them to make a “more open and accessible digital ecosystem for all consumers and content creators,” a surprising shift from Sony’s previous stance on remaining a more closed platform.

Sony investing $250 Million in the company has fetched them 1.4% share in the company, while Tancent is holding 40% with the $330 Million (£262 Million) they Invested in the company way back in 2012.

Sony PlayStation 5 is coming this holiday season, although price and exact release date still remain unknown for now. You can also have a look at the PS5 Price and all the accessories price & availability revealed.

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