Sri Lankan ex-pat going rare sight-saving surgery carried out for the first time in UAE

Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan

Dubai: A 49-year old Sri Lankan exclude recovered vision in one of her eyes that had been hurt in light of glaucoma after an exceptional clinical strategy drove by an ophthalmic master in Sharjah on June 29. Glaucoma is a truly standard condition and it oversees peculiarly high eye pressure that can provoke the mischief of the optic nerve, cornea and cause the loss of vision Sri Lankan.

One percent vision Sri Lankan

Sudarshan Senani Halpandeni Hewa, a senior neighborliness official at the principle motel pack in Dubai is satisfied that she can finally see from her right eye, especially after she had a shelled stent circumstance (she had a chamber implanted in her eye for the control of intra-visual weight) and corneal transplant clinical methodology earlier.

In 2017 she encountered a clinical technique to place a stent in the eye to exhaust out the tears a corneal transplant as that had gotten murky and hurt due to her condition. Anyway, that failed.

Dr. Sandip Mitra

Explaining the clinical technique managed unprecedented for the UAE, Dr. Mitra expressed: “The patient’s case was perplexed as she was by then passing on a bombarded cornea transplant. Coordinating a full cornea transplant clinical system would be significantly perilous as the pace of excusal is incredibly high. Other than full corneal transplants require around 16-30 fastens and this makes huge unsettling influence to the patient. So I picked this respectably new technique called Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK). While this has been finished elsewhere on the planet in the UAE there is no circulated forerunner about the use of this method here.

Dead body corneal film used

  • The join used for this circumstance was from a body patron bank from the US. Dr. Mitra incorporated that particularly serious screening strategies are used in picking donor tissue that covers HIV, viral, bacterial, and infectious screening including for COVID 19.
  • Post-clinical method shields
  • After the insert, the fundamental protect the patient needs to take is to spare upstanding for at any rate 48 hours present clinical system to enable the corneal cells to add to the current corneal layer. The patient starting at now has 70 percent vision revamping in the multi-week, and the absolute vision will be restored inside a month. This clinical system is made sure about by most clinical inclusions.


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